Xpedition 90X is hosting a contest for all Scouts Canada troops to celebrate our shared love for exploration and adventure!

We want your troop to submit your best idea via a creative video for an experiment to be conducted on Antarctica, potentially at the South Pole by the crew of Xpedition 90X this winter 2018.

The public, your troops, friends and family all will be able to vote for their favorite videos.

The video with the most votes wins!

The winning troop will receive prize packs (stay tuned for details) and have the honour of having their experiment conducted in one of the harshest and most remote environments on the planet.


Things To Keep In Mind When Planning Your Experiment:

Electricity: Available for use

Size: Experiment must be the size of a “shoe box” or smaller

Weight: 3 Kg or less

Altitude:  2700 m – Measured

Altitude: 4500 m – Density

Temperature: Minus 20 to Minus 60 Degrees Celsius

Wind: Almost Always Windy – 20 to 100 KPH

Humidity: Very Low to 0

Sunlight: 24 Hour Sunlight

Note: It Is Not The Magnetic Pole